How to Add Manually Submitted Bids/Requests for Quotes by Subcontractors and Vendors to Buildern?

This article will guide you through the step-by-step process of adding the manually submitted bids by subcontractors and vendors to your projects in Buildern.
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There are instances when your subcontractors and vendors submit their bid requests/requests for quotes via email or by phone. In such cases, it is preferable to keep all the data in a single place, so we allow you to add the bids manually to Buildern.

As a Buildern user, you get 100% freedom in collaborating with your sub/vendors through the software. Using Buildern you can automate bid reviewing and submitting, while also providing the flexibility to handle unique situations requiring manual intervention.

Here’s how to do this:

Once you open a new bid request/request for quote, you will wait for your sub/contractors to respond.

To view the offers (and also submit one manually) you’ll need to go to Bid Requests / Requests for Quotes > View Offers.

A new window will open with all the bids already submitted by your sub/vendors. 

Click the Submit Manually button to submit another bid manually.

Choose the sub/vendor for whom you want to add a bid request/request for quote answer.

💡Note that the list will include only those whom you’ve sent the request.

Once you choose a sub/vendor, you will then need to enter unit prices on their behalf, add comments if there are any, and click submit.

The bid request/request for quote status will update automatically, until you receive, and review information from the other sub/vendors.

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