How To Add A Paid Bill?

This article will walk you through adding a paid bill for delivered goods/services.
Written by Buildern Support
Updated 3 weeks ago

1. To add a paid bill for your project, go to the “Bills” section under the project and click “Add Paid Bill”.

2. Then add information to the paid bill. 

  • Enter bill name (Required)
  • Bill ID
  • Related Purchase order (for which PO you're adding the bill)
  • Select the sub/vendor that you've already paid (Required)
  • Set the payment data
  • Enter internal notes

  • Add cost codes to define the services and labor cost (Required)
  • Drag and drop files to add attachments from your computer 

3. Once everything is ready, hit "Save".

Please note: In the "Bills" dashboard you can see the list of all bills, search for specific bills using the search bar and filters, as well as edit, copy, and delete the bill from the list. 

To do it, click on the three dots under the "Actions" column and choose the desired action. 

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