How To Change The Purchase Order?

This article will walk you through changing the purchase order for subcontractors and your trade partners.
Written by Buildern Support
Updated 3 weeks ago

Sometimes you need to change the purchase orders that have already been submitted and make small adjustments. With Buildern, it's possible. 

1. To change your purchase order for your subcontractors, go to your existing project and click “Change Orders”.

2. Next click “Add change order” and fill out the required fields. 

  • Enter change order name (Required)
  • Add approval deadline (this is the due date when the client should either improve or reject your change order)
  • Leave notes about the reason for the change

  • Choose the new cost codes of the order (Required)

Here you can either choose the cost code from the list or only write the flat rate amount.

Cost codes

Flat rate

  • Add attachments (Optional)
  • Leave internal notes (Optional, hidden from the clients)

3.  Once everything is ready, hit “Save”. 

Please note: Your client will get an email notification about the change. They can see it on the web view, and approve or reject the changed order. 

Please note: In the dashboard, you can see the status of the changed orders and track who has seen them. To do so, click on the eye icon.

Please note: You can always edit, create a copy, withdraw, approve, reject, or delete your changed order. Click the three dots under the "Actions" column and select the desired action. 

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