How To Create A Bill To Pay Subcontractors?

This article will walk you through creating a bill for delivered goods/services.
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1. To create a bill for your project, go to the “Bills” section under the project and click “Create Bill”.

Here you have two options: either create a new bill or add an already paid bill.

2. To create a new bill, click “Create Bill” and add the following details.

  • Bill name (Required)
  • Reference number
  • Related project order
  • Sub/vendor who should be paid for delivered goods/services (Required)
  • Add payment date
  • Set a reminder about payment

  • Enter notes (Optional)

3. Then list the items that you bought. Add their cost code, unit price, quantity, and price. (Required)

Please note: Your unit price should be equal to the price mentioned in the Purchase order. Otherwise, you'll get a warning. 

If you don’t want to list items, you can just add the flat amount of delivered goods/services.

4. Additionally, you can add attachments either by uploading files from your computer or selecting from existing project files.

5. You can also send the bill directly to Quickbooks. To enable it, check the box "Send to Quickbooks".

Please note: Your account should be connected with Quickbooks and you should sync sub/vendors. Otherwise, you'll get a warning to fix the issue. 

6. Once everything is ready, click “Save”.

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