How To Create a Purchase Order for Subcontractors?

This article will walk you through creating a purchase order for subcontractors and your trade partners.
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Updated 3 weeks ago

On Buildern, you can create purchase order requests and send them to your subcontractors.

1. To create a purchase order for your subcontractors, go to your existing project and click “Purchase Orders”.

2. Next, add details to your purchase order.

  • Enter the purchase order name (Required)
  • Add a reference number to keep your system and documents synced
  • Select a sub/vendor to assign the order (Required)
  • Set approval and delivery deadlines
  • Add notes
  • Select the cost code to define the service or product you’re ordering (line items or flat rate) and send a bill

Please note: You can add multiple items in one purchase order.
  • Add the quantity and price you expect to pay for the product/service.
  • Finally, add attachments to showcase what you need

Please note: You can add files either by uploading files from your computer or selecting from existing project files.

3. Once everything is ready, click “Send”. Your partner will receive an email notification about the order which they can view, accept or reject.

Please note: After the due date of the approval date, approve/reject options will be unavailable for your trade partners.

In the "Purchase order" dashboard, you can see the listed POs, as well as search for and review purchase orders assigned to your vendors for fulfillment.

As of now, there are three ways to conduct a proper search:

  • Search by PO name or ID
  • Filter by sub/vendor
  • Filter by status

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