How to Define Payment Methods?

Learn how to set a preferred payment method to make invoicing and receiving payments a breeze!
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Customizing payment methods in Buildern means staying on top of your cash flow and creating flexibility in managing finances.

Take time to go through your payment settings in Buildern and make a small step to leave a big impact on your project management efficiency!

Change Payment Methods in Buildern

As Buildern has you covered at all stages of your construction project management journey, we will add a few payment methods to your account to smooth the process of getting started.

Head to your account's Field Settings section to see the current payment method settings. 

Here are a few pre-added options to be found in your Buildern dashboard:

  • Bank transfer - set as a default option
  • Credit card
  • Cash
  • Check
  • Other

Payment method settings Buildern

Click the "Add new option" button below the pre-added options for a new payment method.

Note: Mark the corresponding checkbox to set an option as a default payment method. 

Consistency in your payment methods can help you minimize errors and confusion in the payment process and save time by automatically setting a preferred payment method for each new project.

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