Import Cost Codes from Quickbooks

Let's see how easy it is to sync your Buildern and Quickbooks accounts and import cost codes in a snap!
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Updated 5 months ago

Once you begin using Buildern as your primary software for all construction project-related tasks, utilizing cost codes becomes fundamental in every document shared through the platform.

First, ensure you have already connected your Buildern and Quickbooks accounts through the accounting integration.

Once the connection is enabled, go to the cost codes section.

1. Log in to your Quickbooks account in a new window

Ensure you have up-to-date credentials to access your Quickbooks account.

2. Choose Quickbooks to begin syncing

Accounting integration with Quickbooks

Note: The system won't let you add the second accounting integration if you already have integrated with Xero.

3. Sync the cost codes

Sync cost codes with Quickbooks

The following image shows one of the two options available when synchronizing cost codes between Buildern and Quickbooks. The two-way integration allows seamless operation while updating data automatically in Buildern when changes are made in Quickbooks and vice versa. 

4. Verify data accuracy

Once you have all Quickbooks cost codes added to your Buildern account, review the imported codes within Buildern to ensure they match the desired configuration.

As cost codes appear through almost every transaction and workflow in Buildern, it is crucial to ensure their accuracy.

That's it!

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