Import Cost Codes from an Excel/CSV File

Add your premade unique list of construction cost codes directly from an Excel or CSV file to your Buildern account.
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Having your cost codes ready to go in an Excel or CSV file makes adding them all at once into your Buildern account simple. This will save you time and give you the convenience of being able to stay organized across all of your projects.

Consider having an updated version of cost codes collected in a file. Everything added to the Buildern dashboard will be automatically synced with all your third-party accounting systems and included through the estimates, proposals, purchase orders, and other documents.

Import an Excel/CSV File to Buildern

Head to your account's Cost Codes section to get started.

Click on the upper-right button to import cost codes from a file.

Import cost codes excel csv file

Press the Continue button to upload a pre-made file in an Excel or CSV format.

You can also download a template in an Excel format to customize it and be sure the system will understand everything on the list.

Download cost code template

Carefully preview the uploaded document to ensure every cost code has been uploaded correctly. This is an important step, as that's how the system remembers your cost codes and shows them across all project-related documents shared via Buildern.

Preview cost codes

Customize Imported Cost Codes

Still, if you find errors or should make additional changes to the cost codes imported from your Excel/CSV file, you can edit them individually

Select the cost code from the list and press the "edit" icon at the end of each item line to update the title, parent category, and code number.

Edit cost code

Don't forget to save changes to the cost codes before moving to the next step.

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