How To Create An Invoice For Clients?

This article will walk you through creating an invoice for your clients.
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You can quickly create invoices and send them to your clients with Buildern. To do it, go to the selected project and navigate to the “Client Invoices” section.

1. To create your first invoice, click invoice, and click “Create invoice”.

2. Then add the following data:

General info

  • Enter your invoice name (Required)
  • Invoice ID (Required)
  • Set invoice & due date (Required)
  • Add description (Required)

Cost items

Decide how you’re going to add the cost for your items. Here you have two options. 

1. Line items

Select this if you want to use the system cost codes and list the materials and labor needed.

Then select the cost code, and add the unit price, quantity/unit, and client price. Additionally, you can write a short description and leave internal notes.

Please note: You can add multiple items. Just click “Add new item” if you need to list multiple items.

2. Flat rate

This is a quicker way to add the cost of your services if you don’t want to list items separately. Just select “Flat rate” and type the amount for the goods or services you need.


Next, add attachments (Optional)

To add an attachment, you can upload files from your computer or directly choose from project files.

Client payment

You can also record the payments to organize your accounting and keep track of all transactions. To do so, click “Record” payment and add data to the required fields.

  • Add the date the payment was made (Required)
  • Enter the amount of money (Required)
  • Select the payment method (Required)
  • Leave notes
Please note: if you don’t have a payment method, you can click “Add new” and select a payment method. Currently, we support these payment types:
  • Credit card
  • Bank account
  • Checkbook
  • Cash

3. Once everything is ready, hit “Record payment”.

Please note: Your client will get an email notification with the URL of the invoice. They can review, approve or reject it. If you want to track whether your invoice has been seen, click the eye icon at the top.

In the client invoices dashboard, you can edit, or delete the invoice at any time. It is also possible to make a copy, record a payment, or mark it as paid. Select the desired action by clicking the three dots.

If you still have any questions or require additional support, feel free to contact us: Send an email: [email protected], or give us a call at +1 (650) 334-0378. We’re always happy to help you.

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