How To Set Up a Schedule For Your Project?

This article will walk you through creating a schedule for your team.
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1. To set up a schedule for your team, navigate to your project and click on “Schedule”.

2. Click “Add item” to create your first schedule. 

3. Then fill out the fields. 

  • Add name (Required)
  • Set the assignee (create one if you haven’t done yet)
  • Add the percentage of completion (if the project has already started, otherwise set it to zero)
  • Choose a color so you can distinguish projects easily
  • Add start and end dates, duration (Required)
  • Set reminders so that assignees will get email notifications about the schedule before the start of the project
  • Add description (Optional)
  • Leave internal notes (optional)
  • Add attachments, and files (Optional)

4. Once everything is ready, hit “Save”. 

Please note: You can see your scheduled items in 2 ways: either by Gantt chart or in the list.

Gantt chart

A Gantt chart represents project tasks on a vertical axis and timelines represent task duration on a horizontal axis. Using this chart, you can schedule your project tasks and track progress.


The schedule can also be viewed as a list, with things written down in order of their belonging to a particular category.

Please note: You can always edit, delete, create a copy or add a new schedule item. Use the links below to learn more about editing schedule items. 
  • Edit schedule on Gantt chart
  • Edit the schedule in a list 

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