How To Import Subcontractors & Vendors?

This article will walk you through importing subcontractors and your trade partners.
Written by Buildern Support
Updated 3 months ago

If you already have a subs/vendors list and simply want to import them, go to "System settings", then click "Sub/vendors" & choose “Import”.

For your convenience, we have a variety of import options.

  • Import Excel/CSV files
  • Import from Buildertrend
  • Sync with Quickbooks

1. Import Excel/CSV file: Just click “Upload a file”, add the file from your computer then hit the “Import” button. 

Please note: You can upload files only in Excel/CSV format. There is also a sub/vendors CSV/Excel template for you. You can download it, build the list manually then import the file to the system.

2. Import from Buildertrend: You can directly import the list from other popular construction project management software: To do so, choose the second option: import from Buildertrend. Next, download the file from Buildertrend and upload it to Buildern by hitting the “Import” button.

Please note: that the file should be uploaded in CSV/Excel format.

3. Sync with Quickbooks: Additionally you can sync data with Quickbooks. It will allow you to make accounting easier for your staff and eliminate double work. 

To do it, click “Sync with Quickbooks” then connect your Quickbooks account.

Please note: Quickbooks allows you to create new subs/vendors if the names of subs don't match.

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