How to Import Estimates from Excel/CSV Files

Learn how to import your construction estimates to Buildern with just a few simple steps. Prepare the Excel/CSV file and get started in no time.
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To import an estimate, Buildern offers its users 4 options:

  • Excel/CSV file import

  • Integration with Buildertrend

  • Integration with Buildxact

  • Importing from SoloAssist

Let's further study the first option. 

Log into Buildern and select the 'Estimates' tab.

Click the ‘Import’ button at the top right corner of the page.

Select your desired importing method. In this case, it should be "Import from Excel/CSV".

Buildern will give you brief instructions on what the ideal importing file should be like. 

If you have an estimate in an Excel or CSV file format, you can easily import it into Buildern. Simply access the import feature in Buildern and follow the prompts to upload your file. Buildern will guide you through mapping the columns in your file to the corresponding fields in the platform.

Once the import is complete, your estimate will be available in Buildern for further editing and management.

Note: You can also download a ready-made estimate template in Excel to see data to include in the file and ensure a smooth transition.

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