How to Sync Cost Codes with QuickBooks?

Let’s see how easy it is to sync data between your QuickBooks and Buildern accounts and vice versa.
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But first, let’s go through the basics.

Cost codes play a fundamental role in construction project management, serving as the backbone for accurate budgeting, financial tracking, and reporting. In essence, cost codes are alphanumeric identifiers assigned to specific tasks, materials, or expenses within a construction project. 

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Cost codes in Buildern will sync with the Product and Services section in QuickBooks.

Here’s how to find yours in QuickBooks.

Go to Settings → Product and Services

Here, you’ll find all kinds of cost codes created and used before.

Quickbooks products and services

Moving all this data to Buildern is a part of our two-way integration (meaning anything you add, edit, or delete in one software will automatically change in the other). 

To get started you will need to have your Buildern and QuickBooks accounts connected. 

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If you have already connected your accounts but don’t know where to start, go to Settings  → Accounting Integration in Buildern. Or simply click here.

Sync cost codes with Quickbooks

Click the “Sync Cost Codes” button.

The pre-added cost codes in QuickBooks will appear under the “Buildern ← QuickBooks” tab.

You will have three options here:

  1. Create new cost codes in Buildern to match your QuickBooks data.

  2. Match your QuickBooks cost codes with those already created in your Buildern account.

  3. Leave them unmatched.

Buildern quickbooks cost code integration

Once you finish the “Buildern ← QuickBooks” setup, switch to the “Buildern → QuickBooks” tab.

Use the same approach here.

Create, match, or leave unmatched the corresponding cost codes and save the changes.

Quickbooks buildern cost code integration

Save the changes once you finish setting up.

We can now go to the Cost Codes section in Buildern to see if all the data has been entered successfully.

NOTE: For QuickBooks go to the Products and Services section to ensure everything has been synced well.

Construction cost codes section

You’ll see that cost codes synced with QuickBooks have the software’s logo at the end of the line.

Integration with quickbooks

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