How to Connect Your Buildern Account to QuickBooks?

In this article, we'll walk you through the simple steps to integrate your Buildern account with QuickBooks accounting software.
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By following these instructions, you’ll streamline your financial management processes and ensure smooth transactions between your Buildern projects and QuickBooks accounting software. 

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Let's get started!

1. Log in to Buildern

Ensure having valid credentials before getting started. 

2. Go to the Accounting Integration Settings in Buildern

Once you are in, go to your Accounting Integrationsection.

Accounting integration settings

This is where you set QuickBooks as the primary accounting software and integrate both your accounts.

Accounting integration dashboard buildern

Click the “Connect” button to get started.

The page will reload and take you to the QuickBooks sign-in page.

Sign in quickbooks

NOTE: By granting access to all the business assets on your Buildern account, the accounting software can view all your client invoices, bills, and other payment-related stuff.

Once in, you will be redirected to your Buildern account to continue the integration.

Configure quickbooks settings

Tick the bills and client invoices checkboxes if you want the two software to sync the corresponding data.

Moreover, at this stage, you will have two options for linking projects to QuickBooks:

  • Project = Customer

  • Project = Job

This means the projects created in Buildern will sync either with the Customer or Job databases in QuickBooks. 

Here you will also need to set your Account Payable for vendor bills

Note: This is the record of your outstanding bills, i.e. the money you owe your sub/vendors. Selecting an Account Payable will mean that anytime you pay a bill, the money will be withdrawn from that account.

If you want to configure your Account Payable in QuickBooks, you can do it in advance and then proceed with the integration.

Follow these steps to ensure your account has been set up correctly in QuickBooks (this will ensure smooth and error-free integration with Buildern):

1. Go to your QuickBooks settings

2. Select the Chart of accounts

Product and services quickbooks

3. Select and modify an account to make it an Account Payable (A/P)

4. (Optional) Or create a new Account Payable (A/P)

Add new account payable quickbooks

Once done, return to your Buildern account, update it, set the Account Payable in the corresponding field, and save the changes.

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