What Are Selected Price and Actual Price in Selections?

In this article, we'll clarify the concept of selected price and actual price within the context of creating selections in Buildern.
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What Is the Selected Price?

When creating selections in Buildern, the selected price refers to the things chosen by the client. 

This price becomes visible once the client makes their selection from the available options (see the screenshot of a client portal in Buildern).

It serves as a reference point for the client and the builder during the selection process.

What Is the Actual Price?

Contrary to the selected price, the actual price reflects the real cost incurred by the builder for the selected materials or services. 

This price is calculated based on the paid bills when the builder purchases the selected items or pays for the selected services. To calculate your actual price based on the bills, you need to enable it from the settings in your Selections and Allowances module.

The following window will open and you need to mark the checkbox (otherwise the calculations will be based on the client’s selected price).

Let’s go to your bills to create a new bill for the selection. Now when filling in the cost lines, you will need to set the line type to an allowance as shown below:

Now, we are assigning this bill to a selection created for the Bathroom floor allowance.

Fill in all the required information and Save the changes.

That’s it. You’ve now created a bill for the actual price. Once the bill is paid, your selection will be updated as below:

The actual price provides an accurate representation of the expenses associated with the selection after it has been finalized.

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