How To Add A New Subcontractor To Your Account?

This article will walk you through adding subcontractors and vendors to your Buildern account.
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Updated 3 months ago

1. To add a new subcontractor or vendor to the system, you should click on the “System settings” icon at the top right corner & select “Subs/vendors”.

2. Then click "Add sub/vendor" to get started!

3. Next, fill out the required data for the new subcontractor.

  • Enter company name*
  • Add the name of the contact person (optional)
  • Add the email (optional)
  • Add mobile number (optional)
  • Add business number (optional)
  • Enter the job site address (optional)
  • Set up labels to quickly categorize and find them (optional)
  • Leave internal notes (optional)

4. Once everything is ready, hit "Save".

Please note: You can edit, remove subs or invite them to participate in your project. To do so, click on the ... dots and choose the desired action.

Please note: if you don't want to add subcontractors manually, you can directly import them.

Currently, we support the following import options:

  • Import from Excel/CSV file
  • Import from Buildertrend
  • Sync with Quickbooks
Click here to find more information about importing subcontractors.

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