How to Add a New Bill from a Purchase Order?

There are several ways to create a new bill in Builder, and this article will mainly focus on the process of adding a new bill directly from your purchase orders.
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Go to All Items > Purchase Orders to get started.

This is your purchase order list with all the POs created through all your projects.

Choose the purchase order for which you want to create a new bill. For this, click on the three dots at the end of the line and choose the “Create bill” option:

The software will take you automatically to the cost lines section. Fill in all the relevant information about this bill here and click the Save button.

You will now see that the PO appears with a bill in the purchase order list.

Click on it to be redirected to the project’s bills section and view all the bills created:

That’s it!

Now you can add bills from any purchase order and see immediate seamless updates.

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