How to Add Labels to Daily Logs for Better Categorization

This article shows you how to add labels to your daily logs in Buildern so that it's easier to filter and find the information you need for your daily reports.
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The process of recording daily logs is simplified to a great extent with Buildern. Both job site workers and office staff can collect all the necessary data and information in one place, making it easier to keep track of what's been happening on-site. 

Available on mobile and the web, Buildern allows construction workers to add daily reports from their mobile phones, streamlining the entire workflow. However, as the project progresses, it's common for daily logs to become cluttered and hard to navigate through. That's where labels come in handy.

Let's see how to add labels and how they can help you. 

Step 1: Create Daily Logs

You can create daily logs from the corresponding module of Buildern's dashboard - finding it on the left side menu. 

Check a detailed guide on creating construction daily logs to get started. 

Step 2: Add Labels Inside Each Daily Log Form

When creating a daily log, you will have a drop-down list of previous labels to choose from. Pick what's most suitable. You can add multiple labels to daily log.

If you want to add a label to an already created daily log, create "Edit" from the three-dot menu on the right side of each log from the Daily Log list. 

💡Tip: Adding New Labels

In case you want to add a new label, type it in the corresponding field inside a daily log and click "Create New" to add it for future use.

Step 3: Filter Daily Logs by Labels

All your daily logs created for the same project are available in a list where you can filter them by description or labels. The latter are the same across the company. So, if you have labels in Project A, they will also be available in Project B.

You can type in the label you are looking for in the search bar, and all daily logs with that label will appear. You can also use a down arrow to see the list of all available labels and select one or multiple ones from there. 

Every daily log you add in the web version is also available on mobile with the same filtering functions. 

Step 4: Best Practices for Adding Labels

Labels are a versatile tool that can help you categorize daily logs based on various criteria. For example, you may want to create labels for specific teams working on the project, such as "Electrical Team" or "Plumbing Team." Or you may have labels for different construction activities, like "Foundation Work" or "Roofing." 

The best approach is to create labels based on the most important criteria for your specific project. This will make finding and filtering daily logs by different categories easier, providing a more organized and efficient workflow.

For example, if you have a narrowly specialized team with many subcontractors, you can create labels for each subcontractor and easily filter daily logs related to their work. 

Carefully working with labels of daily logs significantly increases the efficiency of daily reporting, allowing you to easily navigate and analyze the progress of any specific aspect of your project. 

Happy building!

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