How to Create Construction Daily Logs?

This article will guide you through the process of creating daily logs for your construction project.
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Creating construction daily logs is essential for effective project management and record keeping. Connecting the construction job site with the office, daily logs ensure everyone involved in the project stays informed on the progress.

Buildern is a powerful tool that streamlines this process, allowing construction professionals to document and track daily activities, progress, and issues encountered on-site. 

So, let's see how to create your first daily logs!

1. Choose a project and then click the "Daily Logs" button from the left-side menu bar. 

Create construction daily log online

2. Click the "Create Daily Log" button to get started.

3. Fill out the data.

Construction daily log template sample

  • Add data & time (Required)
  • Create labels to categorize logs easily
  • Enter notes to describe what has been done
  • Include information about the weather 
Weather conditions will be synced with your project's location automatically.

This feature in Buildern helps you to stay informed about the prevailing weather conditions on-site. By integrating real-time data, you can monitor how weather factors such as temperature, precipitation, and wind speed may impact your construction activities.

4. Add attachments.

You can upload files directly from your computer or select relevant images or documents from your project files.

Add attachment to daily logs

5. Share with the client (optional).

Pay attention to the small checkbox at the bottom of the page. Mark it if you want to share it with your client. 

Sharing construction daily logs with the client is generally considered a good practice. It helps foster transparency, promote effective communication, and keep the client informed about the project's progress.

However, there may be cases when sharing those is unnecessary.

Depending on the agreement and the client's level of involvement in the construction process, they may not require or request access to daily logs. If the client has delegated project management responsibilities to the contractor and does not actively participate in day-to-day operations, sharing daily logs may not be necessary.

Please note: You can edit or delete your notes from the "Daily Logs" section anytime. Do this by clicking the three dots under "Actions" and choosing the appropriate action.

Edit delete construction daily logs

That's everything you'll need to get started with daily logs through Buildern's dashboard.

Happy building!

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