How to Use Measurements in the Quantity Field?

Once measurements are added manually or through a takeoff, you can use them in the quantity field within Buildern.
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Suppose you need certain measurements to calculate the floor area material cost and include it in the estimate. In that case, you can easily use the pre-added measurements for the floor area.

1. Choose the project and go to its estimates.

2. Choose the estimate item for which you need to adjust the calculations or add a new estimate item.

3. Click the three dots at the end of the line and select "Edit" option from the dropdown menu.

4. Multiply the quantity by the measurement you want to use for this item.

In the example below, we have multiplied our quantity by 1.1 to also include waste in our calculation.

The result will be displayed in the total sum, the number visible to the client upon receiving the estimate.

💡Note: You don’t need to know some complicated math. All you need to do is enter the measurement name in the quantity field and let Buildern calculate your total cost.

Buildern has built-in formulations that will help you calculate everything in a matter of minutes.

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