How to Sync Bills with Xero?

Let’s quickly guide you through the steps of moving your construction bills located in Xero to the workspace in Buildern.
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Thanks to our two-way integration, the process won’t take long. Moreover, you’ll see instant changes in both accounts.

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First of all, go to yourAccounting integration” settings in Buildern.

Accounting integration settings

Find the “Project Defaults” section. 

This is where you will need to define whether the bills and invoices are going to be synchronized with Xero or not.

Project defaults accounting

This will be a default action for all your future project bills. For the older bills, you will need to review and update syncing settings manually. 

You can also sync data with Xero while adding new bills or editing old ones.

Let’s see how.

Create a New Bill in Buildern

Go to your Bills dashboard.

Bills project dashboard

Click the “Create” > “Bill” buttons to get started.

Create new bill

Start filling all the relevant fields:

  • Name

  • The related purchase order

  • Sub/Vendor whom you will pay

  • Start and due dates

  • Cost lines

  • Attachments 

And anything you will need for this bill.

❕REMEMBER: Everything you add here, including the attachments will be synced and sent to your Xero account.

Create new bill online

Now, let’s see how the information syncs with Xero when you add cost lines to your bill.

💡Learn about cost codes in our blog.

This is the most crucial part of your bill, as the cost lines are the items you issue bills for.

Edit bill online

Choose the cost items, the quantity, the cost per unit, and most importantly the account from where the payments will be made. 

You will find all your Expense Accounts from Xero synced here:

Xero bill accounting settings

Now once you save the details, this bill will be synced with your Xero account as in the image below:

Xero bill overview

Once you add all the relevant data to Buildern, mark the option “Send to Xero” and save the changes.

Send bill to xero

Error State in Buildern

In some cases, you may receive an error alert from Buildern. This may happen when information (like a cost code, new sub/vendor data, tax, etc.) included in the bill is not synced with Xero yet. 

Let’s see how to fix such an issue.

We have added a new cost code to our bill in the image below.

Edit bill cost code

Now if we decide to send this bill to Xero, Buildern will show the following message:

Bill cost code issue

We will also offer you to fix the issue.

Add the new cost code to your “Products and Services” in Xero and save the changes.

Sync cost code with xero

Now the bill is ready to be synced with Xero.

Edit Bill in Buildern

Now, suppose you need to update one of your previous bills and send it to your Xero account.

Find the bill you want to synchronize, and click the three dots at the end of the line. 

Edit construction bill

Make the necessary changes, then scroll down a bit to find the Xero integration section.

Edit and send bill to xero

Mark the checkbox and save the changes.

You will see the Xero icon at the end of each line, showing that bills have been successfully synced with your Xero account.

Xero synced bills

This means that from now on everything changed in Buildern will be synced with Xero and vice versa. If you decide to change data, or status, add a payment record, or adjust anything else, both accounts will be updated instantly.

Find Your Synced Bills in Xero

Now, to see if the integration went well, go to the “Business” > “Bills to Pay” section in Xero.

Xero bills to pay

You will find all bills with relevant statuses neatly organized here.

Xero bills overview

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