How to Sync Projects with Xero?

The two-way integration between Buildern and Xero allows users to sync their project created on Buildern with the contacts added to their Xero account.
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There are several ways to sync projects on Buildern with Xero contacts. Let’s quickly go through each case.

Option 1

Go to the accounting integration settings.

Click the Sync Projects button to get started.

  • Projects with the green checkmark are already synced with your Xero account.

  • If you happen to receive a blue notice, then there is a certain issue and the system wants you to take action.

  • Projects with no mark are not synced with Xero.

Once done, click the Save button.

Option 2

Go to your project dashboard. 

Projects with the Xero logo are already synced with the accounting software, meaning everything you change or update on Buildern or Xero, will appear automatically in the other one.

Suppose, we want to sync the “Johnson’s House” project with Xero.

Click the three dots at the end of the line and choose “Edit”.

Scroll down to find the “Sync with Xero” section.

Make the corresponding changes and save the results.

Option 3

Whenever you need to add a new project, Buildern will let you immediately sync it with your Xero account.

Again, you will have three options to proceed:

  1. Create a new project on Xero.

  2. Match it with a pre-added project on Xero.

  3. Leave it unmatched.


Now, with your accounts seamlessly integrated, both Buildern and Xero work together harmoniously, ensuring smooth and efficient data exchange between the two platforms.

This integration guarantees a seamless flow of information, accurate financial records, and enhanced operational effectiveness for your business.

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